IT Management Services

IT Management Services


IT Service Management Services

Omnicore have years of experience in managing IT Service delivery of an organization. The team is skilled to provide professional ITSM service according to best practices such as ITIL v4. The Omnicore team will walk your management team through solutions and services that will help you stay ahead of the game with intelligence on IT Services and right sized applications. Omnicore will help you implement a Helpdesk solution that will provide visibility of IT Services and other operations, IT assets and costs. Below are areas of focus:

In addition, Omnicore provides ticketing solutions that enables efficient customer care processes for your clients.

On Demand IT Service delivery services for your business

Omnicore technologies is an IT on-demand service provider that possesses efficient and qualified IT professionals to quickly address your IT business needs. Our on-demand IT services include solving issues on software, firewalls, networks, servers, computers, laptops, and a lot more. The IT remote support team will be working until a clear-cut solution is found. Moreover, our secure remote support systems allow us to help you anywhere in the world. On-site IT support is also available to resolve your more complex problems faster, when required. We work with technology partners all over the world making our reach truly global.

Common IT Remote Support Issues that we solve

⦁ Troubleshooting of network connectivity
⦁ Clean up and optimization of personal computers
⦁ Spyware, trojans and virus removal
⦁ Mobile email access setup and troubleshooting
⦁ Downloading and installing software & applications
⦁ Restoring deleted data and files
⦁ solving password and lock out issues
⦁ Security permissions setup
⦁ Creating accounts and licensing
⦁ Fixing printing and scanning issues
⦁ Installing updates and hotfixes
⦁ Internet browsers not responding
⦁ Securing phishing attacks
⦁ OneDrive / Dropbox Synchronization Issues


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