IT consultancy

IT consultancy

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Information Technology Professional Cosulting and Digital Transformation Services

An international IT Consulting firm out of Kenya specializing in Digital Transformation solutions. We take the advisory of Gartner Inc and Forester and well over 20 years of cumulative ICT expertise in crafting our solutions. After studying the business landscape for years, and with experience at the highest levels of IT Management, we came up with best-fit Software Products and IT Services that are geared towards x main imperatives for business growth:

  • Improving Customer Experience through Digital Transformation
  • ERP Excellence through astute and vendor-neutral ERP consulting
  • IT Cost Optimization through seasoned Managed IT Services
  • Utilizing best practices to provide agile and effective processes that meets audit standards
  • Cloud Infrastructure consultancy
  • Reporting, visualization, and dashboard consulting
  • Consulting on IT Cost management and IT resource optimization

Having gathered accolades such as the prized PwC Innovation awards as well as COYA, we are ready to help your business attain world-class IT best practices that drive business growth and efficiency. Our philosophy and mantra remains: “Delivering Business Value through Proven Technical Expertise”

We leverage on professional expertise to deliver efficient IT Triad of ‘People’, ‘Process’, ‘Technology’ and ‘Governance’.

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