Security Is More Important than Ever

The quantity and complexity of cyber threats increases every year. Is your business prepared?

Every organization needs to establish the basic layers of cyber protection. Executech provides robust products and services for your cyber defense. Our cyber products include:

  • Firewalls
  • Anti-Ransomware Software
  • Network Monitoring
  • Employee Training
  • Email Security and
  • Spam Filter
  • Penetration services

Don’t wait until it’s too late to implement critical layers of cyber protection. Contact us today to transform your business and manage risk with a global industry leader in cybersecurity consulting, cloud and managed security services. 

We Help Make your Organization Cyber Secure

Traditional anti-virus software is no longer enough to protect against threats like ransomware and malvertising. The latest phishing schemes are becoming more difficult to distinguish from genuine emails. A well-rounded, managed approach is needed to ensure your organization and your team are prepared and can minimize vulnerabilities and risk.

Omnicore Secure is our complete range of cybersecurity services designed to keep your organization and its data safe. We take the very best security solutions available, combine them with our in-house IT experts and best practices to deliver a multi-layered, proactive plan designed to keep your company protected from malicious activity. We provide the following services:

Zero Trust acceleration Services

Accelerate adoption of a zero-trust strategy
Your business gives multiple users access to your company’s resources. And despite the different goals and needs of these employees, partners, clients and customers, they all require some level of access to corporate information. The number of connections and resources you need to manage make user verification complex. 

Moving to a hybrid working, multicloud infrastructure means your resources are also likely scattered throughout multiple IT environments with varying levels of visibility and control. It’s difficult to know if the right user has the right access to the right data. You need context to help you make the right decisions.
Equally concerning is the prevalence of malicious activity, such as ransomware and phishing, that puts your network, digital assets and business at risk.
The Omnicore zero trust security strategy can help your organization increase your cyber resiliency and manage the risks of a disconnected business environment, while still allowing users access to the appropriate resources. It’s a model and plan that uses context to securely connect the right users to the right data at the right time under the right conditions, while also protecting your organization from cyber threats.

Cloud Security Strategy Services

Omnicore is your Trusted advisors to guide your cloud security initiatives.
While cloud offers exciting opportunities for organizations to surpass the capabilities of on-premises environments, it also presents new cybersecurity challenges for monitoring, managing and securing cloud assets. At each critical stage of your cloud transformation journey, you need security management to stay ahead of advanced threats. Our cloud security and cloud security posture management (CSPM) services can bring broader visibility to cloud infrastructure and assets, help ensure consistent configuration management and establish a baseline of best practices for compliance mandates.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Services

Omnicore provides services to better Manage IT risk, establish governance structures and increase cybersecurity maturity with an integrated governance, risk and compliance approach.
We support your organization work through compliance processes such as:

  • Data privacy assessments
  • IT Security risk assessments
  • IT Security strategy development
  • IT Security maturity model development
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